So many tribes and cultures have attached shedding of tears to weakness especially if you are a man. The society expects you to just take it all in, you know, people say things like, ‘be strong’, or ‘just be a man’. All the pain, grief, sadness, frustration and many more, they expect you to just take it all in. But shedding tears does not make you less than you are. There are some health benefits attached to tears. It is very healthy to shed tears. In fact, some Psychologists even advise patients going through grief to cry.


1. The first thing you should know is that emotional tears which result in crying contain stress hormones which when released, gives the body relief. Sharon Martin, a licensed psychotherapist says “I encourage crying because it purges negative energy and allows for new, positive energy to fill us up’’. Emotional tears help to expel hormones and toxins which have been gathered up during stress. Shedding tears stimulates the production of endorphin a hormone which helps to decrease the feeling of pain.

2. Tears help to lubricate your eyes and as a result, prevents the eye from dryness.

3. Tears also help to remove irritants. That is, it helps to clear out particles when they are irritated by Chemicals from slicing onions, smoke, and dust. It really won’t be nice for all these particles to find there way into your eyes. Your tears help you flush them out.

4. Continuous or basal tears contains enzymes called ‘lysozymes’ which protects the eye from infections. It also contains antibodies that fight pathogenic microbes and keep the eye clean.

5. Surprisingly, your tears also help to keep your nose moist and free of bacteria. It does this by traveling through small tubes that connect the eyes to the nose. These tubes are called tear ducts.


Excessive tearing: Yes! There’s what is called excessive tearing. Now, normally, the small tubes I talked about earlier called tear ducts are supposed to help drain tears from your eyes. But if your tear ducts become blocked or fail to open as a result of injury to the bones or tissues around the eyes, inflammation or infection, and even aging or they become swollen, it becomes difficult for tears to drain from your eye properly.

Blocked tear ducts occur in babies sometimes, but they clear up on their own after a while.
In adults, it results in heavy tearing ( the eyes looking wet almost all the time and tears running down the cheeks always), it could also result in swelling and redness and cause the eyelids to stick together.

An intense emotional cry can cause physical discomfort which includes red eyes that burns, dry mouth and headache that results in dull pain; pressure in the forehead and around the head; tenderness and tension in the scalp, neck, and shoulders; and sometimes feelings of stomach upset.

But really on the average, it’s not harmful to let out few drops of tears once in a while, don’t even try to stop the reflex tears from flowing out, let them do their work. The next time you feel the urge to shed some tears, just let it flow.

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