Gossip free woman: Raise your standard.

Gossip free woman


A gossip free woman is hard to find. ‘Women like to gossip’. I have heard this statement many times. Well, this article isnt really about supporting or opposing this fact, but about helping you as a woman live by a better standard. ‘A gossip free life’.

I am a culprit in this matter too.   Several times the temptation to give into gossip (idle talks) about other people has overwhelmed me and several times I fell  into those temptations.

Sometimes, you are not even certain what you’re saying is true. There’s this pleasure one derives from diving into conversations about other people’s private lives and let’s be candid, these conversations are usually not so kind especially if you have a beef for them, or you have this hint of envy or jealousy towards them.

It also comes in different forms. Some forms are subtle, while others are more prominent but we have all been found guilty at one point or the other.  You can read on different types of gossiping  people  here https://.crosswalk.com/faith/spiritual-life/10-types-of-gossiping-people.html

However, the feeling of emptiness that comes after such acts of gossip, surpasses the pleasure derived from it.

And after episodes like this,  I hear myself saying, ‘come on, you are better than this, this is way too low for you’

I am here to tell you the same, ‘you are better than gossip  and it is way too low for you’.  I know sometimes, the temptation can be quite  hard to ignore, trust me, I’ve been there.

How to become a gossip free woman  and why.

Think of it, engaging in gossip or spreading malicious  talks that are unkind and disapproving about people adds no value to you or your hearer. And more importantly, how would you feel if the same is done to you?

Weigh your words before you say them. The next time you want to do such, ask yourself these questions; is it doing any good to me or my hearer? is it of any benefit to the one you are talking  about?.

It might be hard to ignore the urge to gossip but try taking a little step at a time. Because, truth is, gossip becomes an habit if it is not curbed and this is definitely not the kind of habit to build.

A gossip free woman is reliable. It’s easy for her man, children and people around to trust her. They can entrust deep secrets into her care without looking back.

Malicious, idle, small talks (or whatever name you want to give it) about people are empty and time wasting. Use your words and time constructively.

Constant idleness gives more room for likely hood of a life of gossip building up. Engage your self in productive talks as much as you can and avoid people who have made gossip a habit.

We are women of high standards. Gossip is too low of a standard. So, dare to raise your standard! Dare to become a gossip free woman! You are TEL.