Menstrual cycle; know more facts about a woman’s cycle.

Menstrual cycle; know more  facts about a woman’s cycle

You look most attractive to a man when you ovulate and less attractive when you menstruate.

Impulse buying and overspending tend to increase throughout the menstrual cycle, and tends to get out of control during the days leading up to your period. 

Periods are more painful and lasts longer in the cold

You only loose about 60ml of blood every month.

 Excessive exercise, not eating enough calories, or being underweight or overweight can  affect your cycle.

The sound of your voice changes during your period.

Women are born already bearing the total number of eggs that they will ever have in their lifetime.

Women crave for sex more when they ovulate and menstruate. 

The average woman will spend nearly ten years of her life menstruating.

The average woman has more than 400 periods in her lifetime. 

Reducing sugar intake can help ease cramps.

Emotional stress can increase the chance of experiencing menstrual cramps.