Healthy diets for the festive season.

So, it’s another Christmas! The season where you eat and drink so much. When people think about Christmas, the first meal that comes to mind is ‘Rice and Chicken’ and many sugary drinks. It’s not bad, it has become a tradition because it’s really hard to take rice away from most celebrations and festive seasons even though we eat rice almost every day and our bodies are crying for relief from too many carbohydrates and sugar which keep accumulating into our system. If you will still be thinking rice this season, let’s see how you can have healthier, more nutritious and sumptuous meal this Christmas.

Remember, a healthy diet is not in the cost but in how well it nourishes the body.

Here are few tips you can include as you plan your meal this Christmas :

  • Drinks: Instead of the usual unhealthy sugary and alcoholic drinks, you can go for healthy nutritious drinks like Soy milk, Kunu (made from tiger nut), Zobo (a very popular Nigerian drink made from Roselle leaves), Yoghurt or even fresh fruit juice and the awesome thing is, you can prepare these drinks yourself, and control what goes in OR out. Plus, they are so cheap to prepare.
Zobo drink
  • Prepare snacks that will not require deep frying. Fried foods contain a high amount of oil and calories. Alternatively, you can prepare snacks that will require oven baking or oven frying such as meat pie, buns, chin-chin, shortbread, samosa, etc in order to avoid deep frying.

  • If you must eat rice, ensure it’s garnished with lots of vegetables, or you can prepare any kind of salad side with it.

  • Meat: Goat meat has lower fat and same protein content as beef so you might want to go for goat meat rather than beef. And if you will still like to go for beef, ensure you remove the fats as much as you can.

  • And what about those of us who still want to do Chicken this year? Your chicken is much healthier when it’s grilled. Chicken also taste better when it’s grilled than when its deep fried. There are still arguments as to whether the chicken skin is healthy or not. Some are of the school of thought that removing the skin from your chicken reduces the fats but if you will be doing this, it’s better done after cooking in order to maintain it’s taste.           
  • Therefore, as you make up your mind to enjoy every bit of this season, ensure you do make it your number one priority to eat healthy meals. Trust you found these tip helpful. Don’t forget to leave a comment as you share your thoughts also. Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas to you from Eunique Health Blog. Enjoy!!!


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