Handling Stress


I was walking down a street in Lagos one day, and I couldn’t help but notice how busy the world keeps getting. People rushing to meet up with one appointment or the other, traders shouting trying to get their goods sold, bus drivers desperately trying to get passengers into their buses. People are desperate to make ends meet and are willing to do all they can. Stress results not only from physical activities but mental activities as well, such as managing finances, dealing with challenging relationships and even raising kids. The world keeps getting busier, while hearts keep getting diseased because of the body’s inability to get the rest it wants coupled with unhealthy eating habits. Stress can affect your emotions and thoughts, it can cause you to snap at every little thing causing unnecessary outburst of anger. It has also been discovered that stress if not well managed or handled can cause a change in sex drive, restlessness, headaches, insomnia and high blood pressure. So the question is, how can we work, be effective and productive and even make enough money without being stressed up all the time.


How do I handle stress?

· Time management

this is the most important cause of stress. Many people are stressed because they have not yet mastered the art of managing time (read about time management tactics here). Remember, busyness does not equate productivity. Learn to effectively plan how you want to use every moment and consciously gain control of time spent on specific activities. This helps you become more productive and less stressed out both physically and mentally.

· Intentionally include rest in your schedule

most people include a lot of things into the schedule for their day but they fail to add the time for rest. The time spent on rest is as important as time spent on anything else. Deliberately include time for rest and relaxation in your schedule no matter how little it may be.

· Cut off everything unnecessary

another thing that will help you manage stress better, is learning to say a big ‘NO’ to every activity that is irrelevant. It enables you maximize your time giving you more time for rest.

· Work smart

I have heard this before, ‘work smart and not hard’ it is very true. You are not considered productive because you work round the clock. You are considered productive because you have results to show for your efforts no matter how little it is. Be smart as you work, think of ways to minimize efforts spend activities yet achieving same results and even more. I tell you, ‘technology has made things much easy’

· Live a zero worry life

most people think this is impossible but it is actually attainable. Like I said earlier, stress results from both physical and mental activities. A man might not be engaged in too much physical activities yet, he might be mentally stressed. Worry puts a lot of stress on the mind. Many people live stressful lives because they want to achieve a lot at a time. This in itself is draining. Try as much as you can to worry about nothing, do not respond to negativity, forgive easily, take a moment to take a deep breath and most of all, be grateful for what you have as you work your way into getting more. Walk your way up to a stress free life!