Most women don’t want to hear the word ‘submission’ especially when it concerns their relationship with men. To them, it sounds like ‘keep mute always, don’t let your voice be heard, be a fool, let the men step on your rights and take you for granted’. These are few out of a thousand thoughts that ring in our heads when we hear the word ‘submission’.

But I saw something while going through the scriptures recently.  Submitting to the man in your life is part of your service to God as a woman. It is one of the ways you show your service to God.

Ephesians 5:22 says,

Wives, be subject (be submissive and adapt yourselves) to your own husbands as [a service] to the Lord.

What submission is and is not. 

Submission does not equate being taken for granted or having your rights stepped on. You should know you are too valuable to be taken for granted especially if you are truly valuable.

Gold, silver and other precious stones can never be taken for granted. Everyone understands their worth. A woman who constantly have to fight not to be taken for granted doesn’t know her worth or does not have a worth.

Submission is holding your man in high esteem, having great regard for him as your head and the authority over you. It means giving honour to him.  He comes before anything else and truthfully, your decisions and will are subjected to his, just as his is subjected to Christ.

Submission is not keeping mute or being taking for granted or being foolish. In fact, as a woman, you must be wise. You must walk in God’s wisdom consistently. And one way to do that Is by being submissive. Submission is, even while you are expressing your thoughts and opinions, you are doing it in honor and with  high regard for him.

Submission is not trying to be manipulative or Lord over your partner. Most women are controlling without even knowing it. They want to get things done their own way. But sometimes, you just have to trust your man enough to lead you the way he sees best even when he is not agreeing with you. That is submission!

To be continued… . .